Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Du Yu

Du Yu was an officer serving under the in the later stages of the Three Kingdoms Period in China. It is said that Du Yu read the ''Spring and Autumn Annals'' so often that he even was said to have been addicted to the book. Du Yu was one of the most important commander under Zhong Hui in the Conquest of Shu by Wei, and he also followed in leading an army in the conquest of Eastern Wu as guardian of the south. Du Yu managed to lay waste to the Wu army with great force in not the greatest of length of time, and received the surrender of Sun Hao, the last Emperor of Wu.

He objected that the troops rest during winter and continued the siege on the Wu Dynasty.

Du Yu is brother-in-law of Sima Zhao, whose younger sister Princess Gaolu married Du Yu soon after the his return from the Conquest of Shu by Wei. Du Yu also the ancestor of the famed Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu.

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